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Individual sessions are available on request.


The following individual sessions are offered:


* Psychic reading - Martin is able to sense/read your energy and is able to see into different aspects of your life including your past present and future. A psychic reading can help you in many ways including, moving on from past and present difficulties, gaining deeper understanding of your life so far and moving forward positively. Other aspects of psychic reading include but are not limited to: work, personal interests, finances and relationships. A psychic reading can help you set goals and achieve them.

* Soul Reading - Your soul has its own vibration and a wealth of experience . Martin is able to provide information about your soul plan and your life path. You will be able to make better decisions if you know what your higher self - your pure self - conveys to you and you will be able to discover the value of your soul.


* Card Reading - Over the course of many years, Martin Jones has discovered his own way of reading tarot cards and obtaining in-depth information for clients. You are able to ask questions and seek advice on important matters 


* Spiritual Healing - Martin opens his awareness and energy and attunes with his healing guides in the spirit world in order to channel healing energy . Spiritual healing helps in different ways for the mind, body and spirit. Spiritual healing works well for mental conditions such as depression, stress and anxiety as well as physical conditions. Spiritual healing works well in person and over long distances    

* Mediumship reading - Martin opens his awareness to the spirit world and invites your loved ones to come close. He will describe them with as much detail as possible and they will share memories and information about their lives with him which he will relay to you alongside their messages to you. 


Martin offers one2one teaching on zoom for beginners and experienced people 


Martin teaches:


* Mindfulness and guided meditation

* Psychic development 

* Mediumship development 

* Spiritual healing 

* Trance mediumship

* Using oracle cards

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