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 Martin has been aware of his psychic ability since he was a child. He could see colors around people and sense their mood and emotions.He has also been able to see, hear and feel the spirit world since his childhood.
He learned spiritual healing when he was around ten years old and has always had a deep connection with the spirit world.Martin has always been motivated to help people and at the age of 22 he decided to train as a nurse. He had a happy nursing career for 15 years.
He also has a counselling qualification and a post graduate diploma in mindfulness studies from the University of Aberdeen in conjunction with Samyeling Buddhist Monetary in Scotland.
Martin spends all of his working life as a psychic, healer and medium as he feels that this is his purpose in life.Martin is based in Brighton, he has worked in many spiritualist churches across the UK and travels around the world demonstration mediumship, teaching and offers readings and healing sessions to individuals.
Martin has worked in Japan, Austria, Switzerland, Germany, Egypt, Spain and the Netherlands. He also had clients from many other countries and offers zoom readings and teaching.He is regarded as a highly accurate psychic and highly evidential medium and a powerful healer.

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