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I am offer limited one 2 one appoints

 I offer the following services

Mediumship readings

I open my awareness and talk with your friends and loved ones who have passed over to the spirit world. I always aim to share specific details about them and their lives so you know exactly who is with you and pass on their messages of love, support and upliftment


Psychic/Intuitive readings

I connect and tune in to your energy and the vibrations of you and your life in order to answer your questions and provide insight, clarity and understanding


Meditation sessions

I teach meditation sessions one 2 one and for small groups, so you can come alone or bring a few friends. Mediation and mindfulness can bring greater awareness of self and other and enable us to live happier liver and fuller lives

Psychic and Mediumship Development training

I travel around the globe teaching mediumship, psychic awareness and healing. I also offer one 2 one sessions and small group sessions. We have all had different experiences in life and have different individual needs and I will help you learn and grow and have fun along the way

Animal Healing, please contact me for details

Please go to the contact me page to make an enquiry  

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