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Martin is based in Brighton on the south coast of England. 

He travels across the UK and overseas demonstrating and teaching mediumship, psychic work, meditation and healing.


Martin could see people's aura's and sense information about people since he was around 4 or 5 years old. Being psychic and mediumistic since a child he has developed a extra ordinary ability to communicate with your loved ones and friends who have moved on to their next phase of life.

Martin delivers clear and specific information in order for you to know exactly who he has with him and what they want to say to you. He provided you with evidential information such as names, places, dates and shared memories.

Before working as a full-time medium Martin worked as HIV nurse for 15 years. Has always been motivated to help others. He also has a post graduate Diploma in Mindfulness studies from Aberdeen University. 

His genuine love and passion for his ability shines through as does his warm and friendly humour. You will always feel welcome in his presence and uplifted after seeing him work. You will definitely leave knowing there is more to life than this material world.

Martin also works on a 1-2-1 basis

1-2-1 sessions can include:

Mediumship readings

Psychic readings

Meditation and Mindfulness sessions




He loves teaching self-development,  psychic development mediumship and healing.

He works with clients one on one both in person and on Zoom from all over the world. One to one teaching sessions includes: meditation, mindfulness, self-healing, developing your intuition/psychic ability  and mediumship.

He also teaches group workshop in zoom and in-person. A good teacher will recognise your individual talents and abilities and help you harness them.

His workshops are always fun and will provide you with a supportive environment to learn and cover a wide range of exercises.  

Martin currently works in regularly in Japan, Holland and Switzerland, and he is delighted to now be working with Divine Spirit Austria. He will be working in Austria several times in the coming years. 

Martin does not usually charge Spiritualist churches for Zoom services and demonstrations, so feel free to get in touch if you're from a church in the UK or overseas.

     Auf leidenschaftliche, feinfühlige und sehr liebevolle Weise vermittelt Martin Jones sein Wissen in den Themen der Medialität und Spiritualität und öffnet so die Tore in andere Welten.

    In a  passionate, sensitive and very loving way Martin Jones shares his knowledge in the subject of mediumship and spirituality and so opens the doors to other worlds.

       Maria, Austria

       Wir sind begeistert, wie intensiv und aufgeschlossen Martin Jones mit den Studenten an unserem Workshop-Wochenende gearbeitet hat. Mit seiner offenen, humorvollen und intelligenten Art geht er auf jedes Bedürfnis ein und eröffnet so jedem Student die Möglichkeit, sein eigenes Potential zu entdecken. Wir freuen uns sehr über die weitere Zusammenarbeit mit Martin.

Susanne & Maria, Spirit Org, Schweiz,

     We are excited at how intensely and open Martin Jones has worked with the students at our workshops. With his open-minded, humorous and intelligent ways he responded to every need and gave each student the opportunity/possibility to discover their own potential. We are delighted to be working with Martin again soon.

Susanne & Maria, Spirit Org, Switzerland,

     Martin ist so ein begabtes Medium und begabter Lehrer. Die Schulungen mit ihm sind fröhlich, machen Spaß und sehr hilfreich für Schüler! Er kümmert sich um jeden einzelnen und hilft jeden sein Bestes zu erreichen. Martins Schulung war die Beste bei der ich war.

Sandra, Germany

     Martin is such a  gifted medium and teacher. Workshops with him are joyful, fun and helpful for the students. He helps everyone, and helps them to do the best they can. The best workshops I have ever attended. Sandra, Germany





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